Mitch Bannon

Toronto Born. Currently at McGill University.

Baseball writer for The Unbalanced.

Blue Jays, Hurricanes, Jets, Ravens, Raptors.

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Pitching Ohtani
2 years ago
“Yankees raise available money for Ohtani to $3.5 million” - USA Today, November 20“Shohei Ohtani: Mariners make trade, raise available money for Japan's two-way star” - USA Today, November 16 Shohei ...
World Series Game 6: Things to Watch
2 years ago
After the spectacle that was Game 5, what should we be looking for heading into this seasons' potential final game?
2017 World Series: Embrace the Chaos
2 years ago
Take everything you thought you knew. Take everything we were certain about as recently as a week ago. Throw it out the window. Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher on the planet? Kelley Jansen is one ...
King Kenley
2 years ago
The 2017 World Series is a matchup between two of the best teams in baseball featuring elite offences, multiple Ace calibre pitchers on either side, and dynamic playmakers. The Dodgers, however, featu...
Verlander vs Sale: Relief Edition
2 years ago
Starting pitchers not starting. Playoff baseball strikes again.
Unbalanced Baseball: Staff Predictions
2 years ago
After over 2,400 games, Major League Baseball has narrowed its field to ten teams. In a month, one of these teams will be hoisting the World Series Trophy, the leagues premier awards will be handed ou...