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Why "AB" to "Big D" Was Never Really a "Thing"
4 months ago
First off and before anything else is said, let's make this clear, Antonio Tavaris Brown is the best wide receiver in the NFL right now. Even at 30 years old, this is a fact, and with the way he plays...
AAF: A Few Reasons the Alliance of American Football May Be Here to Stay
5 months ago
Usually, the day after the Superbowl signals the long wait until August, when football once again kicks off. Not this year, though, and the AAF are the ones to thank. The Alliance of American Football...
'Primetime': The Synopsis, the Take, and "Neon" Deion
5 months ago
The Synopsis In few scenarios, there are no introductions needed. The man who transformed himself into who we now know as Primetime requires none of that. This film was obviously about Deion Sanders, ...
Tom Freaking Brady: G.O.A.T.'s and Ghosts
6 months ago
When you have won as much as Tom Brady has, it seems as though "winning" in itself isn't that appealing anymore. Well, that's wrong, because Tom is just as motivated as ever, and winning again this we...
Airplane Mode! Why Derrick Jones Jr and the Miami Heat Are an Awesome Fit
6 months ago
Derrick Jones Jr is a highlight waiting to happen, and has been for the Miami Heat during every minute he has been on the floor this season. On the fast break he is terrifying, finishing in traffic of...
The Man... The Myth... The Legend: What Makes Saquon Barkley So Great
2 years ago
Heading into this weekend's game against the Penn State Nittany Lions, the Ohio State Buckeyes probably have one thing on their minds more than any other, and that’s stopping Saquon Barkley. Although ...