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Staff Writer for The Unbalanced, Contributor at Sporting News.

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Ichiro Shot the Moon
2 years ago
Ichiro is one of the most bizarre players of the past 20 seasons. While many hitters have come over from Japan to the MLB, Ichiro has stuck in North America like no one else. The NPB is famous for its...
An Exercise in Generating Similarity Scores
2 years ago
In the process of writing an article, one of the more frustrating things to do is generate comparisons to a given player. Whether I am trying to figure out who most closely aligns with Rougned Odor or...
How Do You Hit 30 HR While Being the Worst Hitter in Baseball?
2 years ago
On the surface, Rougned Odor had a pretty decent 2017. He got paid $1.3 million, was healthy the whole season, and on top of it all, he hit 30+ home runs for the second straight season. That is about ...
Has the Qualifying Offer Been Worth It?
2 years ago
The off-season is officially upon us, and the ups and downs of the playoffs have been replaced with hushed whispers of trade rumors and the frantic refreshing of Ken Rosenthal's Twitter feed. Free age...
MLB shows bark, no bite with Gurriel suspension
2 years ago
I'm going to save you the trouble of every other take on the Gurriel suspension that you've already read, and skip over the general talking points. Yes, Gurriel has no excuse for that behavior and his...
The New Home Field Advantage Rules Stink as Bad as the Old Ones
2 years ago
Thanks to years of complaints by fans and media alike, for the first time since 2002, home-field advantage for the World Series was determined not by the All-Star game results, but instead by regular ...