Jesse Kinney

Huge sports fan, primarily hockey and football. Also a big TV and movie fan. Recent Marist graduate writing about whatever interests me!

Top 10 Baseball Cleats You Can Buy Right Now
2 months ago
If you want to be the best you need to have the best gear. In baseball, if you aren't a pitcher, that means having a pair of the best selling batting gloves and baseball cleats of the highest quality....
10 Best-Selling Baseball Batting Gloves
2 months ago
I often marvel at the abilities of MLB hitters. They see triple-digit fastballs, 12-to-6 curveballs, nasty sliders, and various other pitches meant to make them look silly. They don't always come out ...
Best MLB Lineup of the 2010s
2 months ago
Major League Baseball has had an influx of superstar-level talent in the past decade. Most teams have a superstar or two, with a lucky portion having an entire ensemble of game-changing talents. With ...
Best Shutdown Cornerbacks in NFL History
3 months ago
In my opinion, cornerback is the second hardest position to play in football. Corners are asked to cover the tallest, most athletic players on the field, blitz the quarterback, and help come down to s...
Best First Overall Picks in NHL History
3 months ago
Whenever you're taken first in the NHL draft, a lot of expectations are attached to you. First overall picks are generally tasked with saving a franchise and becoming the centerpiece of a rebuilding m...
Best NHL Goalies of All Time
3 months ago
It is almost impossible to win the Stanley Cup without an all-star goaltender, especially in today's NHL. Regardless of how many chances you create or goals you score, it is all for naught if you can'...