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OBJ: The Cleveland Problem
2 months ago
There a lot of big trades and game-changing acquisitions that can alter a season, and some that just fly by with two-second recognition, like pigeons. OBJ is both of these. He is a big presence on Ins...
The NBA Awards Discussion
3 months ago
With the regular season over, the awards race is becoming a larger topic in mainstream sports media. I deliver my views on the main awards, that are plaguing the NBA twitter-verse.
Why the Sacramento Kings Are Finals Competitors, in the Near Future
4 months ago
Okay. Okay. Wait. Just wait. I know what you're thinking. This team, in itself, is not a contender for the next year, or maybe not even the year after that, and I know that the Lakers are, eventually,...
Carmelo Anthony: How Did It Go so Wrong, so Fast?
4 months ago
Personally, I'm a fan of Melo. His days in New York were one of the many highlights of my love for basketball when growing up. The way he had the confidence to dribble up the court with no fear and hi...
Why Westbrook Winning a Title Will Be a Miracle in Itself
a year ago
At the start of the season, I saw that the Oklahoma City Thunder MIGHT have found an answer for Kevin Durant. They MAY challenge the Golden State dynasty in the Playoffs. They COULD rival the new Big ...