Dave Wallace

Boston Native Sports addict. Go Sox! Always had a talent for writing, thought I should voice my views and opions. My motivation is to never improve my life, but to improve that of others that sorround me in every way possible.

The Not-So-Superstar Story That Made Jose Bautista a Household Name
10 months ago
From a player whom many thought of as a bust, a major league hopeful, and, at best, bench player stuck on the bottom of the 40-man roster, to the most polarizing player in Canadian Sports History... And back to where nobody sees any significance. Here's how Jose Bautista went from worst, to first, and back to worst. Many know Jose Bautista not only just for his incredible power and prowess at the plate, but more for this clutch moment in the 2015 ALDS against the Rangers:
The Remarkable Way the Boston Red Sox Are Taking the League by Storm
10 months ago
You may not like baseball, and thats fine a lot of people don’t. But if you live in Boston and don’t like the Sox, you’ve got a problem. The Red Sox are now almost five months into an improbable journ...