Dave Schneider

Former high school teacher and baseball coach.

Top 9 Catcher's Mitts You Can Buy Right Now
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Most Beautiful Ballparks in the US
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There are 30 different Major League ballparks between the US and Canada. While each ballpark has its own geological features and amenities, some are in need of a major renovation, such as Tropicana Fi...
Greatest Quarterbacks of All Time
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The NFL is full of legends, including Vince Lombardi, Jerry Rice, and Jim Brown. But at the center of every great team is a legendary quarterback. Each quarterback has their own set of skills, whether...
Best Opening Day Performances in MLB History
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Why the Yankees Will Disappoint This Year
9 months ago
When the New York Yankees traded for last year's NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton, they became the unanimous pick to win the World Series this season. With Stanton now complementing Aaron Judge, last year's R...