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A Few More Thousand "Words" to Look At

As in 31,000+, Hope You Don't Mind, Hockey Fans!!!

The feedback has been pretty positive for the photo collections I have been creating on here from the September 15th Winnipeg Jets' Training Camp/Fan Fest day, and seeing that I have a few hundred shots on my hard drive that are all just aching for an audience, here's a few more. 

While I am at it, my condolences to Nic Petan and his family. I don't know what else to say only that when my grandfather, who was the closest thing I ever had to a dad, passed away suddenly, it was a shock to everyone in my own family. I could well imagine what the Petan family is going through, take care.

(Again, if I have got any names wrong in the photos as I am labeling them, PLEASE DM ME on social media and let me know ASAP, thanks!)

A rush on net led by Kristian Vesalainen and Matthieu Perreault is swept away by goaltender Laurent Brossoit as Patrik Laine is in a position he is normally not expected to play at. Excellent job of cutting down the shooting lane!

Matthieu Perreault prepares for another attack on the net.

Jack Roslovic also prepares for a rush on net in the odd man rush exercise.

Once the team crossed the hall (amid many fans waving to the players as they passed by, some even getting high fives from their heroes!), it was straight back to work as the coaching staff runs through what the next half of their training camp was going to entail. This time, the skating surface only had one side of seats, so fewer people were able to come in. Still, there were no bad seats! 

Coach Wade Flaherty speaks to goaltender Laurent Brossoit before the new cycling action gets underway. 

The discussion continues as Brossoit asks for clarification and/or advice as to what he should be working on during this part of the exercise.

A few of the players line up for their turns at the one-on-one cycling exercise the coaching staff has lined up for them. Adam Lowry (navy jersey, closest to the camera) and the rest of the players listen to Coach Huddy's instructions intensely.

Both Laurent Brossoit (goaltender) and Ben Chiarot (red jersey) watch the actions and movements of rookie Kristian Vasalainen (navy jersey). 

A brief break as the players listen to further instructions from the coaching staff.

A veteran versus a rookie as veteran Matthieu Perreault (navy jersey) looks to speed his way past the rookie Logan Stanley (red jersey), who played with the OHL's Kitchener Rangers last season.

The action between rookie vs. veteran continues as Stanley manages to get the puck away from Perreault, using his 6'7" frame to keep the 5'10" forward away from the biscuit.

As the puck squeaks loose, both players make a beeline for the rubber as Brossiot keeps a very careful and attentive eye on the play.

Perreault's arm is caught up under Stanley's, which the young defender appears to be using to his advantage in the footrace to the puck.

Though Perreault has managed to free his trapped paw, the big bear Stanley has beaten him in the footrace for the puck.

Stanley follows through on the play by taking possession of the puck and prepares to shoot it out of the zone to the next pair who are going to do a similar exercise. Grab some popcorn as the next pairing is quite the duet...

This time, it's Andrew Copp versus Brandon Tanev, both are two of the speedmeisters of the team, which made this particular duel very interesting to watch... and yes I managed to use the continuous shooting pretty decently on this pairing (and luckily didn't have too many people walking in front of me!). 

Tanev keeps possession of the puck, but not without some creative stick work by the equally as clever Copp.

Tanev uses his left paw to keep Copp away from the puck while he uses his right one to keep control of his stick and the puck. Copp still desperately pokes away, not giving up and showing his sheer determination.

Tanev takes full possession of the puck, so both Copp and goaltender Brossoit keep a watchful eye on the wraparound trickster and formulate another method of defence as Copp switches up his angle.

Copp cuts through the goal crease as Brossoit keeps his right pad snug to to the post to stop any attempt by Tanev to squeak the biscuit in the basket on a wraparound.

Time for all of the sticks to clash as Tanev, Copp, and Brossoit are ready to cleanly fight for the puck. Will it go in, or not?

Well, it stayed out that time as Brossoit flipped the puck away with Copp with possession, but Tanev  is simply not giving up, shoulder-checking to try and get the puck possession back.

Brossiot watches attentively as the two speedy forwards tussle over the possession of the puck. 

The whistle goes, and though watching what could only be defined as a crazy-terrific game of on-ice chess, there are a few more players that need to take their turn...