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10 Best-Selling Baseball Batting Gloves

If you're hoping to become the next Bryce Harper or Mike Trout, you'll need top-notch equipment. Grab a pair of the best-selling baseball batting gloves and become baseball's next great slugger.

I often marvel at the abilities of MLB hitters. They see triple-digit fastballs, 12-to-6 curveballs, nasty sliders, and various other pitches meant to make them look silly. They don't always come out ahead, but being able to even make contact with those pitches is almost a superhuman feat. The best hitters, the Mike Trout's, Bryce Harper's, and Jose Altuve's, all are able to take those pitches and spray them all over the ballpark.

In order to successfully deal with the elite arms in the MLB, those superstars use the best equipment they can find. They utilize the latest pro batting gloves with the latest cutting-edge tech to try and gain a leg up. If it works for them against the best of the best, it will work for anyone. Whatever level you play at, having one of the best-selling baseball batting gloves can give the advantage you'll need and result in you playing in one of the most beautiful ballparks in the MLB at some point.

MLB Shok-Sorb Neo Batting Gloves by Franklin Sports

As you can probably guess from the name of these pro batting gloves, this pair from Franklin Sports excels at absorbing impact and eliminating any leftover sting. Ideal for long seasons, or prolonged dates with the batting cages, these keep your hands fresh and ready to rake. 

This absorbing capability is made possible by strategically placed flex-points, which also improve flexibility. The floating thumb technology (it's an actual thing) gives these gloves even more flexibility and range of motion. If you enjoy spending long days in the cages to improve, these keep your hands fresh.

MVP Elite by Nike

Nike's MVP Elite are the preferred pro batting gloves of Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout. Enough said, right? Trout is arguably the best player in the league currently, he is only 26, has two MVP awards, and had one of the best rookie seasons in MLB history. The aptly-named MVP Elite gloves provide texture sheepskin for a firm, durable grip.

The mesh vents on the back of the gloves give your hands necessary breathing room and comfort. Sweaty and uncomfortable hands are the last thing anyone wants while up at the plate. For additional comfort, the adjustable wristband is just that—adjustable—for an almost universal fit. If there is a set of the best-selling baseball batting gloves you can trust, it's the pair Mike Trout uses.

Adult Hybrid Batting Glove by Spiderz

What better way to show your support for the MCU and Avengers: Infinity War than with these stylish spider-themed pro batting gloves? Available in a ridiculous 31(!) style options, these gloves are the coolest looking equipment you can have. True to their design, the offer supreme grip technology, using a one-piece palm design that includes a silicone spider web fused on top. While not as effective as Peter Parker's design, it remains above average. The triple(!) reinforced wrist strap ensures that if you like these enough to buy them, they will last as long as you need them to.

Nike MVP Elite Pro 2.0 by Nike

You can use the best-selling baseball batting gloves of Mike Trout or the 2.0 version of the pair. Both are tempting but I'm a sucker for anything 2.0 or above. It just makes it sound so new and improved-upon; it's a great marketing strategy, and I am powerless against it. 

Similar to the first edition, the 2.0s additionally offer strong, lightweight reinforcements throughout the glove. They are primarily located at key flex points, which increases the pair's ability to handle wear and tear. It's definitely a hard choice, both have great benefits, but this may last a bit more in the long-term.

MLB Pro Classic Batting Gloves by Franklin Sports

Franklin Sports is back again with a pair of best-selling baseball batting gloves; they sure know what they're doing. The pro in the name is not just for show. These gloves offer pro-grade spandex the maximum flexibility and comfort. Featured by some of the baseball's best over the years, including Cal Ripken, Yadier Molina, and Chase Utley, these give Nike and Mike Trout some serious competition.

Z3 Hyperskin by Easton

Easton's Z3 Hyperskin's are as cool as they sound. One of the cheaper options for pro batting gloves, this pair does not sacrifice any comfort or protection despite having a lower price. Seventy-six percent of Amazon reviews have scored these gloves with either four or five stars, so it's no surprise seeing it among the best-selling baseball batting gloves on the market. They offer a seamless fit, good grip, and don't overheat in the summer.

American Flag Baseball & Softball Batting Gloves by Clutch Sports Apparel

In true patriotic fashion, these gloves by Clutch Sports Apparel truly honor America's pastime. These gloves can help you support a variety of different causes. There is a pink flag version for breast cancer awareness, there is a camo flag version and tactical flag version for military support, and of course, the regular red, white, and blue design. 

These gloves feature a curved finger pattern, designed to specifically wrap around your fingers. They also feature an interlocking design for a snug fit and wide range of motion. My mistake, they offer a free (Merica!) range of motion. Sorry, I had to sneak it in here somehow. 

Z7 Hyperskin Batting Gloves by Easton

Another pair of best-selling baseball batting gloves on Amazon, and another from Easton, the Z7 Hyperskins get their name from the flexible hyperskin lycra on the back of the gloves. The hyperskin is fused silicone, which adds structure and protection from errant pitches without sacrificing flexibility. Pair that with the goatskin leather palm, and the fact that Easton is the official sponsor of the Little League World Series, and you almost have too many reasons to try out these gloves. 

Clean-Up VI Batting Gloves by Under Armour

So you're not a Los Angeles Angels fan and dislike Mike Trout (if anyone even does), let's say that's you. I don't think there is a baseball fan alive that dislikes Trout and Buster Posey, making this pair of gloves the backup plan for anyone allergic to Trout (pause for laughter). The same series of baseball glove used by the otherworldly San Francisco Giants catcher, the Under Armour VI's are legit. 

Possessing a goatskin leather palm, this pair offers a solid combination of comfort and durability. Both attributes are needed for the grueling, game-filled schedule of the baseball season. Another aspect of the baseball season is the unbearable heat a lot of games are played in. These gloves take that into account, offering a HeatGear on the back of the hand which sweeps away sweat and keeps your hands dry. With the heat creeping back out of hibernation this year, staying cool is of the utmost importance.

CFX Pro Batting Gloves by Franklin Sports

The number one best-selling baseball batting gloves on Amazon, the CFX Pros have earned that ranking. Coming in 20 distinct color combinations, these are suitable for whatever style you are trying to bring to the diamond. To assure your hands are as close to the bat as possible, the quad-flex creasing in these gloves decrease and material build-up. 

Utilizing the latest in floating thumb technology, Franklin Sports provides flexibility and adaptability in this model. The one-piece leather palm adds to the thumb's flexibility and offers a tacky grip that only leather can offer. They are high-quality, reasonably priced gloves if you're looking for a new pair on a budget or just trying to save money.

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10 Best-Selling Baseball Batting Gloves
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