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The Start of Something New

Moving Onto the Next Chapter

Let's get right into this. 

Previously, you would find me writing articles about the Toronto Maple Leafs on the website, Fansided, as well as Calgary Flames content on the site, The Hockey Writers. Many of you liked my work and found it interesting, but I found myself trying to find the littlest, stupidest things to write about, and it got boring. 

I'm not saying the Toronto Maple Leafs are boring or anything, but when you compete with a group of 10+, it's hard to find content to write about.

I looked around for other writing opportunities and was offered some pretty interesting jobs, but nothing I found totally interesting that was different from the position I was in before. 

As I was searching around for the next big thing, I came across the website, Vocal.media. A website that allows you write about whatever it is you may want to. I always wanted to start my own website, but getting viewers is always the hard part. Vocal.media will allow me to get the viewers I need, and create a platform for me to write about everything I want to, with nobody telling me what to do. 

Snotty sounding, I know. 

But when you go through some different writing opportunities, forced to focus on one specific team and compete with 10+ for a story, you realize there are better things out there. 

I love focusing on the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Blue Jays and that's what I will mainly write about. Game previews, recaps, updates, player statistics, and analytics. 

On top of that, I will look into fantasy hockey/baseball updates, as well as other news within the two sports.

This may be a "weird" thing to do with my time and a seemingly dumb decision leaving such a prominent website, but it's time to move on and focus on things I want to do, without the input of others. 

With Vocal.media, every click matters, so go ahead and click away whenever I post some content. I appreciate all the help and viewers!

Thanks everybody and stay tuned for some content from your truly. 

Let's get into this! 

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The Start of Something New
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